Message from the Founder

CYGA Academy

“Our learning process includes learning a language, learning about language, and learning through language. All mainstream classes are taught in and through the English, French, Spanish, and Chinese languages.”

Cece Yang, President

Cece Yang

Cece Yang is a thought-provoking and action-oriented education leader passionate about discovering new areas, exchanging ideas, and creating a global community. She is an electronic engineer from the famous Harbin Institute of Technology in china. Before she moved to the states, Cece served as an Engineering & Electronic Lab Instructor at China Petroleum University (Beijing). Outside of work, she’s a golfer and a mother of two adorable sons.

Why Customize Your Growth Adventure?

Reflecting on her education experiences in mainland China, she strongly felt that something was missing from her growth track—a tailored learning program that met her unique needs. What’s also missing was students’ participation in and interaction with the community. She is eager to fill that gap for the younger generation. She wants personalized education to encourage each student’s creativity and reveal their individuality.

Previous Working Experience

Prior to CYGA, she was the founder and CEO of WeTop Education Group, Inc, offering private school and college admission consulting, STEM academic tutoring and online learning. She has helped numerous students achieve their dream.